they really did make a movie about africans and cast white people like…africans. in africa. but white. thats so fuckin bold but idk why its shocking to me at all i cant stop thinking about it. like theyre white. theyre white ppl!! god..


I need a fuccinq boyfriend this is not a drill! attention all boys I curved within the past year: reschedule !

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i only want to listen to women singing to me lately male voices are so heavy n rude

How do you delete a post on someone else’s blog


Anonymous: what dont you like about ted bundy???

oh dear….


1980s Fredericks of Hollywood red marabou babydoll nightie
by BoudoirBarbie on Etsy

I like to wake up when I’m supposed to b ready and at my destination already


dase dase tattoo flash 2
  • me in 2012: *tags a reblogged text post with relatable content 'same'*
  • me in 2014: *tags a picture of a cabbage cut in half 'same'*

  • Kate Bush - The Song Of Solomon

    i smoked again today and showered to my fave kate bush songs and i felt really magical im a stoner again :/